Proliance Surgeons- Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle

OSS is a care center within the Proliance Surgeons system.  Proliance is an entirely physician-owned and managed corporation, consisting of 250 orthopedists, general surgeons, ophthalmologist, urologists, and ENT specialists in 100 Care Centers throughout the Puget Sound area.  While our size allows us to competitively contract with our local insurance carriers, physician ownership and management results in an excellent amount of local autonomy at the Care Center level.  A new associate would be potentially eligible for shareholder status in the corporation upon ABOS certification.


We staff two clinics in the Seattle area, and own and operate our own surgery center, MRI, and physical therapy facilities.  A new associate would be placed on partnership track with the hope that they would be able to be fully participatory in those facilities within 2 years of starting with us.