Mar 28, 2024

Senior Research Specialist

  • University of Missouri
  • Missouri, USA

Job Description

Job Description The School of Medicine – Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is seeking a highly motivated, engaged, and committed Senior Research Specialist who is interested in joining a fast-paced, highly productive team. Our Orthopaedic service talent teams include: Attending Physicians, Fellow/Resident Physicians, Extender Practitioners, Nurses, ATC/OTCs, Clinical Administrative Coordinators, Research Faculty, Research Technical Teams, and Students. Our clinicians have clinical locations in Columbia, Jefferson City, Boonville, Liberty, and Springfield. The ideal candidate will play an instrumental role in the success of sustaining our department’s mission: advance the clinical, research and teaching components of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Missouri. This position will partner with departmental staff to support the overall culture and advancement of the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute and C3 Orthopaedics Initiative (Comprehensive, Cutting Edge, Caring Culture), which fosters a fast learning and continuously improving organization to further our mission. We are looking for someone with the following leadership qualities which are needed in our growing, fast- paced work environment:   1.  Commitment and Passion   2. Transparency  3. Initiative for Action  4. Ownership/Accountability   5. Positive Energy/Inspire Others   6. Delegation and Empowerment  7. Teamwork focus  8. Creativity and Innovation  9. Strategic Planning   10. Problem Solving Position Overview: •  Contribute to a positive, efficient and high-functioning clinical research work environment; Monitor research related processes/work flow to improve as necessary •  Initiate and engage in consistent communication and collaboration with clinical staff, research team colleagues and research division leadership •  Be the expert research team member regarding: orthopaedic surgery medical knowledge, clinical trial coordination, training colleagues/students/new clinical trial coordinators on applicable research procedures, and clinical trial coordination rules/regulations/guidelines •  Work regularly and successfully with various data capture/research and analytics platforms and improve workflow processes when necessary  •  Be the expert on assigned study protocols and projects •  Pre-screen clinical patients for potential research enrollment per study  protocol, guidelines, and IRB (institutional review board) approval •  Enroll research subjects into various research studies, which includes a compliant consent process (or assisting PI/Co-I with enrollment and consent) •  Completion of research follow-up visits per protocol •  Research specimen collection/mobilization in adherence with environmental health and safety protocols •  Complete first draft services for grant proposals, abstracts, manuscripts •  Practice accurate and timely reporting to the IRB as applicable •  Submit IRB applications, amendments, personnel change forms and annual reviews •  Work closely with faculty/principal investigators and their clinical staff, residents and fellows, other research personnel and research financial professionals to assure compliance with study protocols, research guidelines, policies and regulations •  Correspondence with external clinical research associates and sponsors •  Meticulous and organized documentation of research activity, data collection and adverse events •  Possess the flexibility to cross-train for necessary back-up systems in times of high case load in clinical research •  Display the versatility necessary to work in multiple environments (Operating Room, Clinic, Inpatient Areas) •  Acquire and use knowledge of institutional and federal regulations and guidelines related to human research •  Stay compliant with Institutional Research training and IRB CITI training •  Assure research subject safety at all times

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