Jun 28, 2024

Athletic Trainer - Orthopedics Houston, Texas USA Orthopedic Surgery Therapy / Rahabilitation Services Onsite only McNair Campus

  • Baylor College
  • Houston, TX

Job Description

Assist lead athletic trainer in developing plans for providing athletic training coverage at all athletic events identified in Athletic Training Program Coverage Policy for Second Baptist School Assist in establishing and maintaining a budget for athletic training supplies/equipment. Assist in the development & maintenance of comprehensive venue and condition-specific emergency action plans. Assist in the administration of an athletic training student-aide program in accordance with the school’s clubs and activities guidelines. Establish a working relationship with lead athletic trainer, athletic director, designated team physician, clinical staff, and community physicians. Establish a working relationship with school nursing staff. Complete policies training provided by Baylor and the school. Maintain adequate medical records on all injuries and rehabilitation procedures. Onsite care and management of injuries and illnesses including: prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation. Communicate with physicians and coaching staff regarding the injury status of athletes Comply with any and all policies regarding health care delivery as indicated by the school systems regulations, and outlined in the Athletic Injury Management section of the school’s athletic training program policies and procedures manual.  Responsible for administrative and other duties as assigned by supervisor  Help in the planning of coach’s professional development for CPR/AED, Concussion, Heat Illness, Sudden Cardiac Death Participate in daily discussions with lead athletic trainer.

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