Jul 09, 2024

Junior Specialist - Ambrosi Lab

  • University of California Davis
  • Davis, CA

Job Description

The Ambrosi lab at UC Davis Health School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, an academic/clinical department, encompassing several sub-specialties, is seeking a Junior Specialist to support cutting-edge studies investigating skeletal stem cell-based cancer biology. The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery invites applications from qualified candidates for a Junior Specialist position (full-time or part-time) in orthopaedic stem cell research. The Specialist will assist with research projects involving the delineation of skeletal stem cell (SSC) based processes in osteosarcoma as well as to establish novel molecular engineering approaches for targeted treatment of oncogenic malignancies in the skeleton. Previous and ongoing work has comprehensively investigated SSC biology during mouse and human development as well as how alterations in the SSC compartment drive aging by cell-autonomous processes and multi-stem cell system crosstalk. Our long-term goal is to develop strategies to prevent and reverse SSC-based bone aging and malignancies. The Specialist will be responsible for coordinating regular every day lab operations. The Specialist will be assisting laboratory members in the preparation and analysis of primary skeletal stem cell populations isolated from mouse and human tissues. The Specialist will assist multiple projects and must manage time efficiently in doing so. The Specialist will work independently under general guidance from the postdocs/grad students and must have the ability to recognize irregularities in experimental results and modify experiments as needed. Multiple basic techniques and skills are desired and include: techniques of molecular biology, tissue culture, qPCR and RNA extraction. Depending on the experience and time the Specialist will be able to develop and maintain independent projects. Additionally, the Specialist will order supplies and prepare some reagents for use by other members of the lab and will train new researchers in basic protocols and analyses. The Ambrosi lab offers an inclusive, multidisciplinary, and collaborative work environment. We strive to conduct cutting edge research at the forefront of orthopaedic research. The Specialist will be able to learn and apply the latest methodologies, including single cell RNA-sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, in vitro and in vivo stem cell assays. We anticipate that the Specialist will be attending and presenting at major scientific conferences as well as significantly contribute to publications as an author. We also encourage and offer full mentoring support for grad/med school applications. The incumbent will work under the direction of Dr. Thomas Ambrosi. The resulting hire will be at the Junior Specialist rank, regardless of the proposed appointee's qualifications. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DESIGNATED AREAS OF EXPERTISE Standard wet lab duties pertaining to guaranteeing smooth lab operations. This includes but is not limited to ordering, maintaining inventory, writing, and updating protocols, supporting experiments of other lab members. Assist with writing animal protocols and IRB proposals. Maintenance of lab equipment. Perform, analyze, and interpret experiments. Coordinate and facilitate collection of clinical patient research specimens. Present results and progress updates at lab meetings and make presentations to experimental and scientific collaborators. Attend seminars, lectures, and training courses to learn new skills. Review literature on an ongoing basis to remain current with new procedures and apply learnings to related research. Assist with orientation and training of new staff or students on lab procedures or techniques. Promote Culture of Safety: Demonstrates commitment to personal responsibility and value for safety; communicates safety concerns; uses and promotes safe behaviors bases on training and lessons learned. POSITION DESCRIPTION Research in Specialized Areas (90% effort) Participate in research projects involving the delineation of skeletal stem cell (SSC) based processes in osteosarcoma as well as to establish novel molecular engineering approaches for targeted treatment of oncogenic malignancies in the skeleton. Professional Competence and Activity (8%) Participate in appropriate professional/technical societies or groups and other educational and research organizations. Review research proposals, journal manuscripts, and publications related to area of expertise. University and Public Service (2% effort) May maintain liaison and respond to the needs of various industry organizations, state and federal agencies, and other external groups on issues related to area of expertise. Participate in activities of committees within the department, college, campus and other University entities, as appropriate. For full position description and to apply: https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF06586 Number of Positions Available: 1

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