Mar 04, 2021

Department Business Administrator (Chief Administrative Officer) - University of Mississippi Medical Center

  • University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Jackson, MS, USA
Chief Administrative Officer

Job Description

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS is seeking a dynamic leader to serve as the next Department Business Administrator (DBA).  The DBA will partner with the Department Chairperson and be responsible for administering overall business activity in the department including but not limited to strategic planning and goal setting, personnel management and staff development, research contracts and grants management, education program development, legal services and regulatory compliance, space management-academic and research needs, information systems, division financial management, analysis and reporting, building and maintaining department internal and external relationships, and initiatives of the academic/research and clinical missions.  Additional details are as follows:

  • Strategic planning and goal setting: works with the chairperson to develop a departmental strategic plan that is in concert with department, school of medicine, academic/research and the umhc strategic plans. Collaborates with the chairperson and division chiefs to ensure departmental and divisional yearly goals are established. Ensures that the annual strategic objectives are linked to performance targets for all faculty and staff. Sets up reporting for measuring goals and providing performance reports related to achievements. Ensures that department leadership understands and can represent to all stakeholders the department strategic plans and targets.
  • Personnel management and staff development: establishes and maintains appropriate department staffing levels. Recruits competent staff to meet the operational needs of the department. Provides appropriate orientation for new staff so that they understand their roles, accountabilities and performance expectations. Provides effective and timely performance management that clearly defines work expectations, recognizes and rewards individuals for a job well done, provides disciplinary counseling when necessary, conducts timely performance appraisals adhering to university standards, working with their HR business partner, oversees the disciplinary actions and firings for faculty and staff. Partners with the chairperson and the school of medicine in the annual recruitment of new residents. Partners with their chairperson, residency program director and GME office to recruit additional faculty for teaching, research and clinical care in adherence with the department's strategic plan. Establishes relationships, works with recruitment office, and negotiates favorable contracts for the department. Works with on-boarding groups to ensure proper orientation of new faculty and staff. Works with chairperson, UMHC leadership, compliance and the division chiefs to develop faculty compensation plans that provide incentives that align with department and institutional goals. Provides oversight for faculty appointments and promotions in coordination with school of medicine and department promotional and tenure committee guidelines. Oversees department payroll and payroll reporting from internal and external sources. Promotes and ensures salary equity and diversity for faculty and staff. Supports establishment of professional development opportunities and mentoring for department staff.
  • Fiscal management: advises the chair and vice chairs on fiscal matters and represents and acts on their behalf in the rendering of business decisions. Works collaboratively with the chair, faculty, house staff, hospital and outpatient administrators to support the provision of accessible, patient friendly, cost effective, high quality patient care. Works collaboratively with the other administrators in developing clinical practice strategies and programs. Measures the financial and operational effect of decisions and actions. Analyzes financial, organizational and operational problems in depth, relates and compares data from different sources, determining root causes and subtle relationships among data. Oversees the development, implementation and monitoring of operating (including projections of revenues and expenses) and capital budgets for the department within guidelines and time frames in collaboration with the chair. Directs financial reviews and forecast for departmental responsibility centers as necessary. Monitors E&M frequencies and procedure billing codes and compares to local, state and national benchmarks. Monitor scheduling, missed appointments, clinical changes/cancellations, payer mix, charge capture, timely charge entry, and other parameters to maximize utilization and reimbursements, and communicate status and recommendations to chair, faculty, and administrative staff. Develops business plans for proposed new programs/services.
  • University Physicians initiatives: supports clinical practice business development and marketing by partnering with university physicians to develop mutually beneficial clinical operations. Works with University Physicians ambulatory operations directors as needed. Collaborates with university physicians to plan for future clinical program development. Assists university physicians with making certain physicians are completing their health plan enrollment documents timely. Assists university physicians with department involved clinical processes such as returning patient phone calls, maintaining paper medical records, prompting. Works closely with university physicians and the hospital to ensure that the department's physician recruitment goals are aligned with the overall health system's strategic plan.
  • UMHC initiatives: supports clinical practice business development and marketing by partnering with UMHC to develop mutually beneficial clinical operations. Works with UMHC to plan for future clinical program development. Assists UMHC with ensuring that physicians are completing their health plan enrollment, retirement plan enrollment and other required documents timely. Assists UMHC with department involved clinical processes such as returning patient phone calls, maintaining electronic medical records, prompting physicians to complete inpatient service charts timely etc. Works closely with university physicians and the hospital to ensure that the department's physician recruitment goals are aligned with the overall health system's strategic plan.
  • Research contracts and grants management: oversees grant submissions by following institution approved guidelines. Oversees the preparation of research or other grant budgets. Responsible for making sure that grants are properly registered and closely monitored. Provides reports for monthly divisional and departmental research contracts and grant budgets. Ensures effective monitoring of all research and grant adherence to plans and budgets. Collaborates with university physicians when setting-up service contracts for clinical services related to research or other grant contracts.
  • Education program development: organizes and supports the teaching mission of the department. Facilitates and coordinates the department's graduate medical education program and medical student programs, ensuring all documentation requirements are met. Ensures that the department infrastructure supports the needs of the teaching program.
  • Legal services and regulatory compliance: acts as the department representative when working with the legal department and compliance for all internal and external service contract development. Works closely with the medical center legal services, the school of medicine, and the hospital and university physicians, to review all legal documents and contracts for new teaching, research and other grant related programs and services. Tracks department contracts and renews contracts in a timely fashion or terminates when necessary. Ensures that all areas of accountability are compliant with federal, state and local regulatory standards and requirements including all funding agencies, ACGME, and department specific NIH guidelines. Ensures HIPAA compliance throughout the department.
  • Space management-academic and research needs: oversees space acquisition and allocation by working with the chairperson and other internal space allocation resources. Works to ensure adequate office, clinical and other necessary space for newly recruited faculty and expanded department programs.
  • Information systems: working and coordinating with dis and the university's information system's leadership, oversees service and maintenance of department servers and all other information systems software and equipment such as EHR, desktop computers and other technical equipment. Maintains a department inventory of the equipment and manages equipment replacements. Ensures that the department's information is kept updated on the medical school and health system web sites. Monitors all department business applications and the use of these applications.
  • Department and division financial management, analysis and reporting: prepares budgets and oversees the management and reporting of the budgets. Oversees maintenance of all clinical, grant, gift, and other accounts. Maintains compliance with internal and external audits. 
  • Monitors faculty effort reporting: FPSC, hospitals, NIH. Oversees financial analysis and reporting that meets department and division needs. Reports clinical faculty productivity to the chairperson. Reports clinical practice billing revenue results to the chairperson.

Minimum Requirements:  Master's degree in business, health sciences, or health care administration and five (5) years managerial and financial/business management experience, or bachelor's degree in business, health sciences, or health care administration and seven (7) years managerial and financial/business management experience. Experience in an academic medical center or large group experience with knowledge of teaching, research, and clinical practice operations preferred. CPA preferred.


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