Jun 24, 2021

Clinical Instructor -Director of Prosthetics and Orthotics

  • UNC
  • North Carolina, USA

Job Description

Under the general direction of the UNC Prosthetics and Orthotics Executive Committee (dotted line reporting to the Department of Orthopedics), the Director of Prosthetics and Orthotics provides overall planning and daily supervision of all operational aspects and activities of the Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) services including the UNC Faculty Practice, UNC Medical Center, UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus, and UNC Hospitals Chatham. In addition to daily management, this individual represents Orthotics and Prosthetics for department-wide planning efforts involving space, equipment, staff, systems, services, supplies, revenues, expenses, and future programs and services. The individual participates as an essential member of the department’s management team to address and resolve general management/administrative issues such as planning for future programs and services, procedure coding and revenue capture, patient scheduling, patient and staff safety, and patient flows, operational monitoring, regulatory compliance, public relations and the overall timeliness and quality of services provided to customers in assigned sections and across UNC Hospitals. Responsibilities Education / Research • Develops an accredited education program offering certification in prosthetics and orthotics and serves as a program director and faculty member • Serve as a mentor to visiting prosthetics and orthotic students • Engages with faculty in the school of medicine and other university departments to develop research programs Administrative • Work closely with leadership from the Departments of Orthopedics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to prepare and manage all revenue, operating, and capital expense budgets for assigned areas of responsibility • Be responsible for the monitoring of the operating budget throughout the year. • Monitor flow of patient charges and intervene as necessary to ensure timely, accurate, and comprehensive flow of patient billing information. • Be responsible for maintaining knowledge of reimbursement regulations and prior authorization requirements and collaborating with the PM&R and Orthopedics departments to update coding and maximize prior authorization and reimbursement opportunities in line with CMS regulations. • Be responsible for acquiring, managing, and ensuring optimal usage of consumable supply inventories for areas assigned. • Work to reduce inventories and reduce costs through standardization and selection of lowest cost supplies consistent with acceptable quality levels. • Coordinate product selection process through active participation with staff. • Interview, hire, orient, and mentor/coach all clinical and clinical support personnel within the prosthetics and orthotics program. • Interact with staff in a consistent, fair, timely, appropriate, and decisive manner per organizational policies. • Update and write new policies and procedures to support new programs. • Ensure that all information regarding procedural and operational changes are communicated to appropriate department and hospital personnel. • Prepare and implement work schedules and project plans, including work assignments and emergency coverage for workdays, weekends, and holidays (as required). • Ensure quality improvement goals are met that improve the internal systems and work environment to enable practitioners and staff to improve processes • Collaborate with other service line leaders, managers, and physicians on issues related to patient care management and interact with clinic directors at the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) and the Center for Rehabilitation Care (CRC) regularly to promote effective care. • Be responsible for the education, staff development and quality improvement and outreach programs • Work with the Risk Management office and the Hospital Safety Director to ensure that safety standards are being met and risks are minimized. • Work with Plant Engineering to resolve equipment malfunctions and ensure that all regulatory requirements regarding equipment performance are met. • Be responsible for accreditation in sections, including JCAHO, ABC, etc. Clinical • Oversees all stages of design, fabrication, fitting, and maintenance of orthotic/prosthetic devices related to patients’ needs, as indicated by a physician • Assists physicians with the evaluation and analysis of the patient’s need for orthotic/prosthetic services. • Ensures proper patient management is consistent with established practices for orthotic/prosthetic care. • Identify and reconcile issues/problems to ensure patient satisfaction with devices provided. • Ensure that the highest patient care standards are provided to all patients, including but not limited to, adequate follow-up with patients and physicians. • Reviews new techniques and materials to ensure the broadest range of flexibility and services offered. • Maintain accurate documentation to define goals, issues and solutions for each patient. • Provide administrative staff with information to conduct reimbursement activities. • Organize and provide information to facility management to ensure proper management of inventory and materials. Meets with physicians, case managers, and other referral sources to market orthotics/prosthetics services and capabilities. • Provide on-call services at UNC Medical Center as necessary.

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