Apr 22, 2022


  • University of Missouri
  • Missouri, USA
Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner

Job Description

Job Description The Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, central Missouri’s largest freestanding Orthopaedic center, is seeking an energetic and passionate Nurse Practitioner, Specialty Care. Our Orthopaedic service talent teams include; Attending Physicians, Fellow/Resident Physicians, Extender Practitioners, Nurses, ATC/OTCs, Clinical Administrative Coordinators, Research Faculty Research technical teams and Students. Our providers have clinical locations in Columbia, Jefferson City, Boonville, Liberty and Springfield. The ideal candidate will play an instrumental role in the success of sustaining our department’s mission: advance the clinical, research and teaching components of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Missouri. This position will partner with clinical and research faculty and staff to support the overall culture in advancing the culture of Missouri Orthopaedic Institute and C3 Orthopaedics Initiative (Comprehensive, Cutting Edge, Caring Culture), which fosters a fast learning and continuously improving organization to further our mission. Leadership qualities needed in our growing, fast- paced work environment: 1.   Commitment and Passion 2.   Transparency 3.   Initiative for Action 4.   Ownership/Accountability 5.   Positive energy/Inspire Others 6.   Delegation and Empowerment 7.   Teamwork focus 8.   Creativity and Innovation 9.   Strategic Planning 10. Problem Solving  Position overview: - Provide professional medical support services under the direction of Orthopaedic physicians providing professional health and medical care for patients in inpatient acute care settings and monitor progress of patients as liaison for physician. - Plan, direct and participate in the education of the patient and their family including, but not limited to, pre-op teaching, admission and post-op patient assessment and care - Perform first and/or second assist in surgery, perform minor surgical procedures, case card development, posting of cases, and other activities that create efficiencies - Collect and document patient history information through verbal and written sources, including history and physical examination, problems identified, care provided, and plans for follow-up or referral - Perform physical examinations of patients - Provide clinical research support, recruit and screen potential research subject; care out research protocol as written, monitor patient’s compliance; and compile, retrieve and analyze research data. - Order and/or perform pertinent diagnostic tests, analyze collected data in order to determine health status including evaluating radiographs

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